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Will Mazzari loves treats and skateboarding, here’s some of both.

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DGK - Will Mazzari Treats | DGK

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DGK - '93 Til | DGK

DGK – ’93 Til | DGK

DGK – Pete Thompson is a New York based photographer with a storied history within skateboarding. Having captured a large portion of skateboardings elite throughout the 90’s, Pete paved himself as one of the top photographers of the era. Early on Pete developed a friendship with DGK founder Stevie Williams and documented Stevie’s rise in notoriety. In July 2020, Pete is releasing ’93 Til, a full book chronicling skateboard culture and the icons that made it prolific. Not only is Stevie featured on the cover of the book, he’s also featured repeatedly amongst the 240 page volume. Pete handpicked some never before seen images for the ’93 Til deck and wrote a brief piece speaking on Stevie’s story for the top sheet. These decks will be limited to 300 hand numbered pieces. Get your DGK x ’93 Til deck here: Get ’93 Til Book here: Follow DGK: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Site: ———————————————- Follow ’93 Til: Instagram: Site: ———————————————- Follow Stevie Williams Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: #dgk
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DGK – Vs The World – Reese La Flare | DGK

DGK – Don Cooley pulls up on Reese La Flare for a quick check up. Subscribe to DGK:″> Follow DGK: Instagram:”> Twitter:”> Facebook:”> Site:”> ———————————————- Follow Reese La Flare Instagram:″> Twitter:”> Soundcloud:”> Site:”> ———————————————- Follow Coach Cooley Instagram:”> Facebook:″> #dgk #vstheworld

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