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  • TheoriesOfAtlantis

Just teasin’ with this little taste tester for Dial Tone’s upcoming FA19 promo “Hot Line” featuring Jahmal Williams, Ben Gore, Alexis Sablone, Christian Maalouf, Brian Powderly, Shawn Macmillan, Shane Farber and new Dial Tone pro Jordan Trahan!

Filmed and edited by Josh Stewart


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STATIC IV RAW TAPES: EPISODE 4 | Theories Of Atlantis

STATIC IV RAW TAPES: EPISODE 4 | Theories Of Atlantis

TheoriesOfAtlantis – That’s right! They said it couldn’t be done but we’ve successfully managed to release 1 new episode of the Static IV Raw Tapes series every week for a month straight. Featuring raw footage from the making of the Static IV & V videos filmed mostly during 2014-2014 including some unused clips, second angles & weird street craze that tends to come with filming in NYC. This week’s episode focuses on Quim Cardona, German Nieves, Jahmal Williams, Pat Stiener, Steve Brandi, Brendan Carroll, Kevin Tierney, Mark Wetzel, Lem Go, Brian Clarke and Chad Muska. You read that right….The Muska. Enjoy.

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