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  • Phil Evans

Starring Gabbe Viking, Moa Zander, Mimmi Leckius, Amandus Mortensen, Sondre Mortensen and Penny the Dog.

Animation by Mike O’ Shea and Video by Phil Evans.

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Dorkzone 2 Leboxx | Phil Evans

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DORKZONE | Phil Evans

DORKZONE | Phil Evans

Phil Evans – Bryggeriet presents Dorkzone, a film by Phil Evans and Mike O’Shea. Starring Amandus Mortensen, Sondre Mortensen, Mimmi Leckius, Adam Lexar, Marie Dabbadie, Johanna Juzelius. Dorkzone book available here! Instagram: @dorkzoneskateclub
Copenhagen with Jeremy Jones | Phil Evans

Copenhagen with Jeremy Jones | Phil Evans

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