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  • Philip Evans

Bryggeriet presents Dorkzone, a film by Phil Evans and Mike O’Shea. Starring Amandus Mortensen, Sondre Mortensen, Mimmi Leckius, Adam Lexar, Marie Dabbadie, Johanna Juzelius. Dorkzone book available here!

Cast: Philip Evans

Tags: skate, skateboarding, malmo, bryggeriet, amandus mortensen, mike o shea, phil evans, sondre mortensen, mimmi leckius, animation and stop motion

DORKZONE | Philip Evans

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Dorkzone behind the scenes video | Philip Evans

Dorkzone behind the scenes video | Philip Evans

See how English artist Mike O’Shea’s concepts went from tiny 2D animated paper birds to giant talking skate obstacles as we take a trip beyond the magic door and into the inner workings of Bryggeriet skate organisation in Malmö.Cast: Philip EvansTags: animation, skateboarding, dragonframe, stop motion, skate, bryggeriet, phil evans, nils svensson and mike o shea
Painted city music video test | Philip Evans

Painted city music video test | Philip Evans

This is an excerpt from a music video I was asked to pitch on. The idea for this pitch was to show a city getting swallowed by a sea of paint. I only had a few days to come up with this working (very rough) concept that was then rejected – but it eventually became something else so it all worked out in the end. This was done with a mixture of milk, paint, food dye, inks etc. Pretty fun to experiment with!Cast: Philip EvansTags: music video, paint, art and animation

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