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A 2 week seasonal migration to Barcelona in January 2020.

Featuring Brian Reid, Sean Evans, Ben Tenner, & Myles Underwood.

Video & edit by Kevin Leeroy Madden.

As seen on the Thrasher site.

Dos Minutos | OrchardSkateshop

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The Gusto Tape 1997 | OrchardSkateshop

The Gusto Tape 1997 | OrchardSkateshop

OrchardSkateshop – Originally included in the bonus of our 2010 shop DVD “Out of Body Experience” In the days before digital editing and streaming video, crews would edit capture tapes primitive style by connecting the hi-8 camera to the VCR. Pause, Record, Play, and so on. Panama James Lantry was a local Boston filmer in the mid 90’s and made a handful of these tapes, but not many remain. Much of the archival hi-8 footage in our Out of Body Experience was filmed by James, and we were stoked to offer this unedited capture tape as a DVD bonus feature. Now for the first time on the internet, we proudly present The Gusto Tape! Filmed by James Lantry, with additional filming by Ray Echevers and Pete Gardini. Skating by: Jerry Fowler, Jahmal Williams, Robbie Gangemi, Danny Supa, Matt Willigan, Steve Nardone, Johnny Marshall, Satva Leung, Matt OBrien, Carlos Cardwell, Mike Graham, Kyle Vadeboncoeur, Nikhil Thayer, Charlie Wilkins, Gabe Holton, Shitmonkey, Pete Gardini, Chris Botkin, Vanik Hacobian, Clemente McFarlane, Dan Garcia, Charlie Watts, River Jim, Alex Hepburn, Roger Bagley, Matt Pailes, Pablo Anocona
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Leftover Soup | OrchardSkateshop

OrchardSkateshop – Leftover footage that never made it into our 2014 shop video offering Stone Soup. Many thanks to all the supporting filmers that helped contribute to this project including Tin Tran, Tim Savage, Cuong Ngo, Sam McCormack, Alex Pelletier, Benny Goldman, Elliot Vecchia, and anyone else that we forgot. Featuring team riders and extended family in order: Eric Dasaro, Broderick Gumpright, Armin Bachman, Lee Berman, Tommy Wisdom, Ray Echevers, Nate Keegan, Ian Coughlan, James Nickerson, Erik Pickard, Phil McCormick, Small Paul Collins, Rob Collins, Tim Jarman, Eastie, Justin Maruco, Rob Hall, Billy Campbell, Jeff Valcourt, Bill Orsi, Lurker Lou Sarowsky, Jad Angel, Mike Leslie, Dillon Buss, Frankie Nash, Nickodem Rudzinski, Fritz Mead.

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