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Spoiled for beauty at home we packed the car and headed south, dreaming of cool water seclusion. We pulled the trigger on what we thought looked like a swell, later to be reminded we did not in fact have a crystal ball.

We had ears on the ground in the likes of Tito, Jai and Max, wardens of the south coast. Rule number one for when you get here is to get to Hayden’s Pies, okay, also rule 2 and 3. After two days of lack luster surf, the conditions finally revealed for a morning to remember. The beauty of this place is bewildering and it is more important than ever to visit these fire ravaged communities. We shared our crack of dawn coffees with some curious lorikeets, then for even more good times and laughs we jumped back in the car and shot up to Jindabyne to stay with Jye Kearney. Once again locals knowledge guided us into fun filled days of slipping and slidin, salt and snow.

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Photo & video by: @workbydom

Music by: @DUNE RATS

Down South with Dom Sullivan | Afends

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