Published on May 7, 2019 by
  • Elliott Vecchia

Drought, a full length skate video by Elliott Vecchia based in Los Angeles. This was an amazing project to work on with my friends! Shot over the course of 3 years in Southern California. Featuring :

Tom Rohrer

Serges Murphy

Jake Dooley

Steven Catizone

Donne Dortch

Eduardo Craig

Zion Wright

Craig Clements

Corey Millett

Nate Greenwood

Guest Appearances by :

Ryan Decenzo

Scott Decenzo

Gavin Nolan

Dave Bachinsky

Brice Maguire

Frankie Heck

Josh Love

Troy sanders

Tyler Paggett

Ronne Dortch

Jason Ross

Jose Cuevas

Chhandy Khan

Kevin Sikes

Chris Mchugh

Jake Sykes

Nick Govatsos

Zander Gabriel

Danny Gordon


Brodie Penrod

Billie Drowne

Ariel Pearl

Eric Martinac

Alber Leandro

Maurice Jordan

Dlamini Dlamini

Cody Hale

Josh Scribner

Ryder Lawson

Jorden Rommel

Ryan Alvero

Brad Miller

Js Lapierre

Mike Patterson

This was my 4th full length skate video to date.

Drought (Full Skate Video) | Elliott Vecchia

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