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  • Ronnie Creager

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Part 2 of 2.

This night was super fun full of skateboarding and shenanigans. Corey Sheppard, Gideon Choi, Clark Hassler were mainly drinking this night. I was in skate mode like normal. Sorry for the foul language. Haha.

I was trying to do a Adam McNatt push between tricks but didn’t seem like a good idea looking back. This line never made it into the video. I changed the beginning trick to a fakie lip slide 270 and easier manual that made it into the video.

* sorry for the lame commercial in the beginning. haha. I’m trying to figure out a way to do a short advertisement.


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Filmed by Gayton Hagglund — He wrote a book about his adventures:

Dwindle Distribution - Fakie flip tail slide - line  Part 2 of 2 | Ronnie Creager

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Ronnie Creager – $2.00 Curb Wax at https:/// I’ve been sitting on my ass waiting for the doctor to ok me to skate. Figured I’d put it to good use! As you can see I haven’t perfected any part of this. I’ve learned a few tricks that will help me to get better though. Looking forward to getting some better tricks and skating normal again soon. I will not give up on this technique though. :) Check out my website for some cool stuff. My daughter and I run the shop out of our closet at home.
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Ronnie Creager – Get your Free Stickers at: While filming for Es Menikmati, everybody was asked to film a “Dork Trick”. I had 2 days to turn something in. I took my benches to the park and this was what I came up with. We filmed it at Cabrillo park in Santa Ana. I lived right around the corner and skated here frequently. The park always had lot of sketchy stuff going on but we were usually allowed to skate about 60% of the time. There was a slight downhill leading into the park that made it hard to judge your speed. I basically went slow and by the time I was sliding I had sufficient speed. Filmed by: Steve Young. Dog in the video – D.O.G (Black Labrador) Check out the online skateboard shop. Great products at great prices! Buy Me a Coffee: Instagram: Twitter: Youtube: Facebook:

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