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No strangers to travel, here’s what the Element team got up to in the last couple of weeks.

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Evan Smith : @starheadbody

Fred Mortagne : @Frenchfred

Phil Zwijsen : @philzwijsen

Lucas Xaparral : @lucasxaparral

Julian Davidson : @_julian_davidson

Jacopo Carozzi : @pufftuffandskatestuff

Sam Atkins : @samatkins

Mason Silva : @masonsilva

Jaakko Ojanen : @jaakkoojanen

Jake Darwen : @jakedarwen

Jordan Sharkey : @sharkystyle

Mark Appleyard : @mark_appleyard

Nassim Guammaz : @nassimguammaz


Guillaume Perimony – @Gperimony

Mattia Tommasoli – @vn_vs4

Blake Carpenter – @blakecarpenter

Felipe Minozzi – @felipefel

Davis Hoang – @davehoang

James Magnus James – @Thejamesjames

Sml.Wheels – @sml_aaron

Jaakko Ojanen – @jaakkoojanen

Element Clips - Ep 01 - Evan Smith, Nassim Guammaz, Jaakko Ojanen, Jake Darwen & More - Element

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Element and Tetsunori Tawaraya | Element

Element and Tetsunori Tawaraya | Element

Element Brand – Tetsunori is a Japanese underground illustrator and member of the progressive punk band 2up (pronounced upup). His favourite things to draw are imagery of body parts, creatures and undiscovered planets which he hand-paints to craft incredible sci-fi experimental compositions and sketch pieces. His art is also known through the comic books he creates using silkscreen and isograph techniques.
Element x Bad Brains | Element

Element x Bad Brains | Element

Element Brand – Element and Bad Brains join forces on a collaborative collections that celebrates the influence Bad Brains had on both music and skateboarding. With Element as a continued positive force in skateboarding and Bad Brains as the godfathers of positivity in punk, this collaboration was a long time coming. Check out the collection here: Nyjah Huston skated to Bad Brains in Element’s Elementality video back in 2005. This part and the board Nyjah was riding inspired the Bad Brains x Nyjah Huston board. Element worked closely with Bad Brains founding member Darryl Jenifer to create and incorporate iconic Bad Brains artwork and photography into the collection. You can find Darryl’s hand drawn typography throughout the range of apparel, skateboards, and accessories. You can find original ‘Brainstorm’ artwork embroidered on the center front of the Brainstorm hoodie. The Brainstorm tee takes cues from the original artwork with its center front screen printed art. The 2318 tee features a photo shot in Washington D.C. in 1979 by photographer, Lucian Perkins. The clothes the band are seen wearing in this photo inspired many of the pieces found in the Element x Bad Brains collection. The Element x Bad Brains collection is now available.

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