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  • Element Brand

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No strangers to travel, here’s what the Element team got up to in the last couple of weeks.

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Evan Smith : @starheadbody

Fred Mortagne : @Frenchfred

Phil Zwijsen : @philzwijsen

Lucas Xaparral : @lucasxaparral

Julian Davidson : @_julian_davidson

Jacopo Carozzi : @pufftuffandskatestuff

Sam Atkins : @samatkins

Mason Silva : @masonsilva

Jaakko Ojanen : @jaakkoojanen

Jake Darwen : @jakedarwen

Jordan Sharkey : @sharkystyle

Mark Appleyard : @mark_appleyard

Nassim Guammaz : @nassimguammaz


Guillaume Perimony – @Gperimony

Mattia Tommasoli – @vn_vs4

Blake Carpenter – @blakecarpenter

Felipe Minozzi – @felipefel

Davis Hoang – @davehoang

James Magnus James – @Thejamesjames

Sml.Wheels – @sml_aaron

Jaakko Ojanen – @jaakkoojanen

Element Clips - Ep 01 - Evan Smith, Nassim Guammaz, Jaakko Ojanen, Jake Darwen & More - Element

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Element Brand – Hailed as a cult British designer, Nigel Cabourn has worked in the industry for over 50 years producing collections driven by inspirational stories of real people, events, history and vintage military outdoor and workwear pieces. Nigel Cabourn started his eponymous label in the 1970s and has continued to influence the menswear fashion and culture ever since with his uncompromising approach to fashion design. Nigel has worked on an exclusive capsule collection created around the Element Wolfeboro aesthetics. Product include some of his longlasting outerwear silhouettes and original all over print treatments. The result is a curated collection of tailored jackets, accessories and skateboard decks made to endure the elements. #ELEMENTNIGELCABOURN

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