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The Primo collection takes inspiration from Element’s early 90s East Coast roots and expands on some of the sportswear-inspired archival pieces the brand was known for at the time.

Based on a contemporary and bold aesthetic, the 1st Primo drop is grounded in Element legacy colors – Black, White and Red. The 2nd drop expands on the athletic staple concept to bring a comprehensive merchandised package featuring progressive color blocking and styling.

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Element - Primo Collection - Fall 19 | Element

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Chris "Cookie" Colbourn is Pro | Element

Chris "Cookie" Colbourn is Pro | Element

Element Brand – #CookieisPro Filmed & edited by Jon Miner. We chose an unusual route, and decided that working with team rider Chris “Cookie” Colbourn for his own pro board made more sense than just slapping his name on any random idea the graphic department could come up with. In a day and age when most skateboards can’t even choose their graphics, or provide much feedback on his/her pro designs what happened between Brian Arii, Element hard goods production expert & designer, “Cookie” and videographer Tom Mull was quite special. Working with Cookie’s art the two creatives got together for a period of two weeks working on different ideas, graphic placement and discussing special production techniques to create three boards that celebrate ELEMENT’s latest pro rider art and passions. All the three Cookie’s pro boards feature art hand-drawn by the east coast native himself, with one of the boards featuring two graphic layers that when skated, showcase an image of cookies.
Element Timber! Go East | Element

Element Timber! Go East | Element

Element Brand – The “Go East” Collection is the brainchild of Element Advocate and artist Chad Eaton. Inspired by Japanese Yokai, the ghosts of Japanese folklore, Noh masks, and the classic Sukajan or “Souvenir jacket”, first created by US soldiers stationed in Japan after WWII. The result is a fierce and boldly illustrated collection.

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