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We are proud to introduce Spanky’s 5th signature shoe for Emerica: The Spanky G6.

The Spanky G6 features a Pour-In G6 polyurethene midsole in a cupsole construction with our triangle tread designed and tested to last longer and have extra grip. There are Lycra tongue stabilizing straps for a better fit while the insole consists of custom artwork by Spanky himself.

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Emerica Presents: The Spanky G6 | emerica

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Leo Romero Talks The Emerica Romero Americana | emerica

Leo Romero Talks The Emerica Romero Americana | emerica

emerica – Leo reflects back on his first pro model shoe for Emerica from 2006, “The Leo” and discusses the new remastered classic version “The Americana”. “It’s a simple shoe with little hidden features. Keep everything simply and significant which I think is the best.” – Leo Romero Instagram @Emerica Twitter @Emerica
Emerica Presents: The Romero Americana | emerica

Emerica Presents: The Romero Americana | emerica

emerica – Emerica is proud to introduce Leo Romero’s latest shoe The Americana, an updated classic of his first pro model shoe, The Leo back in 2006.   The Americana features a G6 Polyurethane Insole in a Cupsole Construction along with a Pig Suede Upper for extra durability all while having a Triangle Tread outsole built and designed to last longer. For a better fit, The Americana includes an integrated tongue strap and heel anchor system. Instagram @Emerica Twitter @Emerica

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