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We teamed up with Emerica & Hop Kingdom (London) to offer you a wear test of the etnies Joslin.

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Emerica Romero Laced skate shoes wear test | Surfdome x Hop Kingdom | Surfdome

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Plastic Cutback: a Surfdome initiative supported by Patagonia | Surfdo…

Surfdome – 80 billion items of clothing are sold every year, and nearly all of them are at some stage packaged in a clear plastic poly bag. Because these bags can’t be recycled curbside, they tend not to be recycled at all: as few as 10% make it to one of the few collection points where they’re accepted for recycling. So we’ll do that bit for you. Surfdome and Patagonia are teaming up to take the problem of plastic packaging literally out of your hands. When you buy a Patagonia product from Surfdome during the Plastic Cutback, a trial initiative running from 16th March to 16th June 2020, the product you receive won’t be wrapped in a poly bag, which in turn won’t end up in landfill or leak into the environment, as the vast majority of these bags do. To find out more about how the Plastic Cutback works, click here:
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Enjoy The Ride | Skate | Surfdome

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