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Evan Hay for our newest video Baby Blue. Available Now!

Evan Hay Baby Blue Trailer | bluetilelounge97

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Blue Tile Lounge's Baby Blue | bluetilelounge97

Blue Tile Lounge’s Baby Blue | bluetilelounge97

bluetilelounge97 – Our 7th full length video Baby Blue. Featuring: Bobby Dekeyzer, Morgan Smith, Lee Yankou, Jed Anderson, Evan Hay, John Lennie, Pat O’Rourke, Joe Yates, Dylan Barnes, Jay Brown, Ryan DesRoches, Nolan Waller & Darrell Smith. Justin Bokma – 0.01 Intro – 1:28 Jed Anderson – 2:38 Ryan DesRoches – 6:14 Joe Yates – 9:28 Pat O’Rourke/John Lennie – 10:17 Dylan Barnes – 12:18 Nolan Waller – 13:56 Jay Brown – 16:22 Morgan Smith – 18:47 Evan Hay – 21:04 Bobby de Keyzer – 23:50 Lee Yankou – 26:42 Credits – 31:08 Darrell Smith – 36:06
Lee Yankou Baby Blue Part | bluetilelounge97

Lee Yankou Baby Blue Part | bluetilelounge97

bluetilelounge97 – Lee’s part from our 7th full length video Baby Blue. We had to change the music for the Thrasher edit. Still liked it but I think the original song worked better. Here it is as it was meant to be seen. Enjoy.

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