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Source: Street League Skateboarding

Evan Smith FS WALLRIDE // 2016 TOTY Kelly Approved - SLS

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WS SLS 2020 World Tour | Dates & Locations | SLS

WS SLS 2020 World Tour | Dates & Locations | SLS

Street League Skateboarding – The official WS SLS 2020 World Tour schedule: Las Vegas • March 27-28 Beijing • May 02-03 London • May 22-24 — This season will be filled with unprecedented history making moments, as each World Tour stop will be worth the highest point value in the Olympic qualification system. More importantly, all roads will be leading to the 2020 World Championships in London where podium placement will provide an automatic straight shot into the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. Don’t miss out on this historic season… Visit for more info.
2019 Trick Of The Year | SLS

2019 Trick Of The Year | SLS

Street League Skateboarding – 2019 Trick Of The Year Award Taking the plunge into the legendary Car Wash Bank in Los Angeles is no joke. The bank is so steep that you have to commit or deal with the possibility of slamming on your face like The Gonz did when trying to follow John Cardiel’s first try early grab back in 1998. Or snapping your leg like Milton Martinez when he tried to Ollie in a year ago to get the feel for it. But a Kickflip?! It sounded impossible. And for years no one dared to try it until Dustin Dollin stepped to it in 2016 but couldn’t ride away. Finally in 2019, after snapping his leg when trying to Ollie in to get the feel for it a year before, Milton Martinez Kickflip’s in better than anyone else could have imagined. SAVAGE. Congratulations Milton – on conquering fear, doing it with style, taking the $10,000 & the 2019 Trick of the Year! Back-to-back SMOOOKES!! ⚡️ Shot by: Austin Ayub & Lannie Rhoades

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