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Wheely Good’s first edit, aptly titled Everything is Wheely Good.


Wheely Good Doodles started as an illustration page, made some clothes and now they’ve made a video so they’re now whatever that would be considered as. All they know is that Everything is Wheely Good.

Featuring the skateboarding of Albert, Bedir, Calm Cal, Cam, Connor, Cyrus, Dom, Esse Josh, George, Hoots, J Fraise, JB, Kimfromhull, Kirby, Lally, Man Like Blade, Ozzy, Pete, Rhys, Sam C, Sam M, Strawbz, T-Lo, Vegan Bones & Yus.

Filmed and edited by Sam McAuley.

thx 4 watching xoxo

Everything is Wheely Good | veganxbones

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