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I may have finally found the MK1 Fisheye for Lumix cameras.

I am not affiliated with MEIKE in any way, I just wanted to let people know about this awesome lens, I will be using it a lot more in the future!

MEIKE 3.5mm F2.8 Fisheye for MFT

Filmed by @segatronmedia @trabajandoskate


Evan C @evancsb

Jonathan Vaughn @sk8switch

Vince Guzaldo @vinceguzaldo

Trevor @heyitsthatkidtrevor

Henry Woolever @koolade_jammer

I do not own the rights to the music used in this video

Fargo Skateboarding October 2020 | MEIKE 3.5MM Fisheye Test Lumix GH4 4:3 Mode 4K | Segatron Media

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Fargo Skateboarding November 2020 *Breakdance Edition* MEIKE 3.5MM F2.8 4K 30P 16:9 LUMIX GH4 | Segatron Media

Fargo Skateboarding November 2020 *Breakdance Edition* MEIKE 3.5MM F2….

Segatron Media – @noh_comply @the_cheeze @marcus_sarsycki and @youngzaeeig starring in the break dance edition Fargo edit! Enjoy! Comment if you like 16 by 9 or 4 by 3 better! This is 16:9 30P 4k mode on the GH4, zoomed to 0 in post. There is also a mild color correction applied to brighten the footage. The footage was filmed at 1600 ISO at 125 shutter and came out exposed but slightly dark looking because of the bumped up shutter.
Character Skateboards | Young Guns at Fargo | Segatron Media

Character Skateboards | Young Guns at Fargo | Segatron Media

Segatron Media – Max Barker, Cooper Greenslade and Lucy Barker session Fargo. Guest appearance from Alan Butella. Filmed, edited and scored by Corey Henderson. Filmed on the Venus laowa 4mm F 2.8 Fisheye. This is a great fisheye but it shows the camera body on the right side of the screen because it is so small and so wide. I made a fake vignette for this lens that works well in my opinion. However I would recommend using the Meike 3.5mm fisheye on the Micro 4/3 format cameras not only for the price but the body of the lens is just a little bigger and sticks out far enough to beat the issue of showing the camera body and forcing me to make fake vig. Also I think the venus is a little darker because the lens is so small, the camera itself blocks light from it. (Just my opinion at this point though, not scientific.) Two videos filmed on the MEIKE just so you can compare. Video filmed with the Laowa Showing the camera body in the top right corner LAOWA Fisheye MEIKE Fisheye

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