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In honor of our collaboration with Lamb of God, resident headbanger J Boosie hopped on a call with LoG’s lead singer Randy Blythe to discuss the band’s new self-titled album, Virginia-bred metal, and a wide range of other topics. Watch on The Hundreds TV and shop The Hundreds X Lamb of God on Monday, June 29th at Midnight EST.


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Jay and Silent Bob on RSWD | THE HUNDREDS

Jay and Silent Bob on RSWD | THE HUNDREDS

THE HUNDREDS – “Jay and Silent Bob on RSWD” It’s 2021 on Fairfax and Rosewood in Los Angeles. Jay and Silent Bob visit The Hundreds for the first time on the morning of the Kevin Smith collaboration drop Written by: Bobby Hundreds Directed by: Kevin Smith Actors: Kevin Smith as Silent Bob Jason Mewes as Jay Bobby Hundreds as Bobby Ben Hundreds as Ben Kid#1 Brice Waller Kid#2 David Rivera Kid#3 Jake Richardson Extras: Justin Esposito Julian Mowatt Ilene Byers Production/Sound/Editing: Josh Roush Matthew Rowbottom Scott Hadfield
Bobby Hundreds Interviews Jonny Sun | THE HUNDREDS

Bobby Hundreds Interviews Jonny Sun | THE HUNDREDS

THE HUNDREDS – In anticipation for the The Hundreds by Jonny Sun capsule collection, Bobby Hundreds sat with the TV writer/illustrator/author to talk about the steps that led to this moment. The collection features passages and original artwork from the book of essays that cover topics ranging from mental health, belonging, and finding happiness. Catch the releases March 17, 2021 at 9 PM PT / Midnight ET.

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