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  • Skateboarding – Woodward Camp

The future is in good hands. Campers Devin Flynn, Chaz Moreno, Miles Nelson and a few special guests show us that they may be young but they aren’t playing around when it comes to skating. With these 3 in the game, we think skateboarding is going to be just fine.

Filmed by Matt Pepe and Jacob Palumbo

Future Legends: Devin Flynn, Chaz Moreno, and Miles Nelson | Woodward

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Finders Keepers with Enjoi Skateboards | Woodward

Finders Keepers with Enjoi Skateboards | Woodward

Skateboarding – Woodward Camp – Here at Woodward we like to reward kids for absolutely no reason sometimes, and so does Enjoi! Enjoi Skateboards rolled into town with a box of about 30 boards to give away and had us go hide some around camp, good thing we had our cameras out too, because these kids found them a lot quicker than we anticipated. Watch and learn some of our hiding spots and maybe find some product of your own while you’re here! Filmed by Matt Pepe
VIP: John Dilorenzo ripping at Woodward Camp | Woodward

VIP: John Dilorenzo ripping at Woodward Camp | Woodward

Skateboarding – Woodward Camp – Amateur skateboarder John Dilorenzo has the most insane bag of manual tricks we’ve seen in a long time. We were stoked to get him out to PA this summer. It was his first time to camp, but by the way, he skated, you would think he’s been coming for years!

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