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The ultimate in metal form, created with leading-edge technology and time-honoured artisanship — unparalleled strength and beauty befitting the pinnacle of the G-SHOCK brand Basara was a term of respect used for samurai commanders who shattered conventions with a rebellious style that combined strength and a bold, lavish aesthetic. For this trailblazing watch, we first specially commissioned the making of an actual, one-of-a-kind MR-G Hana-Basara suit of armour based on the Basara commander spirit. Then we created this exceptional watch using the armour as the design motif. Employing ultra-hard COBARION and DAT55G alloys developed in Japan and inviting in a cutting/polishing artisan to apply techniques rarely used in metalwork, we achieved mirror-surface facet cuts in metal — a feat considered virtually impossible. This watch exudes a distinctive aesthetic sensibility and worldview that embraces two of Japan’s proudest heritages: cutting-edge technology and traditional craftsmanship.

G-SHOCK | MR-G B2000BS | Hana Basara | G-SHOCK Europe

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G-SHOCK X Daily Paper | G-SHOCK Europe

gshockeu – Continuously exploring new disciplines, Daily Paper is taking their first steps into the watch industry. The Amsterdam-based brand has teamed up with Japanese pioneer G-SHOCK to create a unique design that picks up on the iconic 1983 model. Daily Paper and G-SHOCK’s united passion for creativity has led to an outstanding piece infused with the DNA of both brands.
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