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Gino is an hilarious character, one of those kid you have to meet in real life to completely understand what’s going on… and then fall in love with him.

From a day to another bought a one-way ticket to Melbourne, Australia… he felt ready to export the secrets of the Club overseas we guess, so he quit his safe job at Apple, sold his lovely Turbo Seat Leon and took off.

When you going out this far, especially not knowing when you’ll be back, for sure you wanna have a last visit at your favorite places back home, say halo to your homies and your childhood heroes and this is it, his last couple of days between the street of Caracas and San Pedro.

We were about to upload the full 60min tape he came out with but at the end we decided to do some editing :)

And… on the last day before taking the plane he had knees check because of a weird feeling he had for a bit back then… found out he was missing an ACL…

Have fun chico, stay safe and spread the word.

Gino Bound | La Dolce Vita Social Club

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