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In 2015 team rider CJ Bartlett came out with his “Go Ride A Skateboard” part. Here it is in case you missed it.

Filmed and edited by Josh Metzger

Additional Filming: Tim Vasquez & Cody Long

Song: “Not So Dense” By Dear Tick

'GO RIDE A SKATEBOARD' CJ Bartlett 2015 | Cowtown Skateboards

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Festival Fields Skatepark First Look | Cowtown Skateboards

Cowtown Skateboards – City of Avondale Festival Fields Park is set to open November 30, 2019. We were lucky enough to get in on an early session. We aren’t sure if helmets will be required to skate the park when it opens but they were this day. Skating – Jalen Noel, John O’Neal, Miles Canevello, Jay Fairman, Oliver Whiteclaw, Chuck Krammer, Tyson Robinson, Zach Jordan. Film/edit Tim Vasquez. Additional filming Oliver Whiteclaw. Music – Dan Deacon – Sat by a Tree.
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Converse Cons presents Locals Only 2019 | Cowtown Skateboards

Cowtown Skateboards – Every year we’re lucky enough to put on the ‘Locals Only’ contest with the help of our sponsors, And every year it just gets better and better. From new faces entering, to the progression of kids that have skated the contest for years – we’re always stoked on the turn out. DJ Kate Scratch fever kept the tunes goin for every heat. Pizza was served and raffles were won. A little something extra this year, all the raffle ticket and t-shirt sale’ proceeds went to benefit the Initiative to build a FREE skate plaza in Central Phoenix. If that wasn’t extra enough for you, Kenny Anderson and Dolan Stearns gave out the prizes for all top three spots throughout the contest! Holla to Meg Lemon for taking some heavy slams and still killing her run. Shout out to Malachi Gray for taking first in the Sponsored/Advanced division. He’s been steady killing’ the contest for years, so it was sick to see him win! Huge thanks to Converse Cons, Bones Wheels and Real Skateboards for making this possible. Special thanks to everyone that skated, helped clean up or just came out to show their support. Music: The Octopus Project – Truck – Hello, Avalanche Film/Edit: Tim Vasquez

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