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Any skateboarding project working with children has the responsibility to protect its participants from abuse, exploitation and neglect, within their programs. This section gives an overview on child protection risks and strategies for skate projects, as well as tips on strengthening your project’s policies and systems for keeping children safe.

Table of Contents:

00:08 – Overview

00:41 – Kick-off question

01:02 – Origins of child protection

03:17 – Trauma

04:10 – Awareness of local issues

05:52 – Impacts of trauma

08:14 – Trauma-sensitive skate programs

12:22 – Child protection policy

14:49 – Visitors and media

16:08 – Staff and volunteer recruitment

17:36 – Risks for skate programs

19:47 – Best practices

23:32 – Next steps

Goodpush Toolkit: Child Protection | Skateistan

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