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If you want to provide the best possible skate programs, it’s essential to set goals and measure your progress. MEL helps you be accountable to those who support your work, as well as to your participants. This section features practical guides and templates about MEL tools like surveys and logframes.

Table of Contents:

00:10 – Overview

01:31 – Kick-off question

02:17 – What is MEL?

07:09 – Why does MEL matter?

09:44 – What makes a strong MEL system?

10:21 – Ethics

12:42 – Surveys

15:13 – Most Significant Change stories

18:36 – Communicating with donors

20:51 – Daniel’s story: MEL in South Africa

26:09 – Next steps

Goodpush Toolkit: Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) | Skateistan

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