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A full length pool skating film by Tyler Hopkins @Gonecemental

26 minutes of backyard carnage.

Premiering for one week at after that available for sale on DVD at

“Creeping in backyards, exploring the abandoned, lurking tough in search of grinds… it all gets the blood pumping. In reality, we’re all searching for that ‘Heavy Buzz’ – the rush, the excitement that keeps us going, yearning for adventure. As skateboarders we have a bit of a different approach. Our rush comes from the generally mundane and many times overlooked. Curbs, stair sets, handrails, dilapidated swimming pools. There are the things that excited us. It is strange to most. Many ask why? It truly is hard to explain. But I can tell you, there’s nothing like that overwhelming feeling you get in that moment when you and your homies are ripping together!! Heavy Buzz, a film by Tyler Hopkins, documents two years of adventures and pool pillaging featuring Brandon Perelson, Marcel Martinez, Chris Cope, John Worthington, Lukas Miller, Pat Thompson, Josh Snyder, Joe Dirt and many more!!”

Heavy Buzz - a Pool Skating film | ConfusionMagazine

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FDR - 4TH of JULY - 2019 | ConfusionMagazine

FDR – 4TH of JULY – 2019 | ConfusionMagazine

ConfusionMagazine – “The annual 4th of July celebration at FDR isn’t a celebration of the American government, but rather of We The People. We, who have fought, bled for and conquered this beautiful patch of no mans land tucked away in the shadows under I-95. Every year we gather in a disgusting display of raw passion, lawlessness and anarchy. Living as wildly and dangerously as we so choose inside the confines of this concrete atrocity that we have all bound together to help create, throughout these years and generations, is the greatest display of what it truly means to be free. It is the physical embodiment of a self regulated, community driven, counter culture culmination of horrifying dreams. If you can learn to thrive through the mortar explosions, bottle rocket crossfire, and screaming barbarians then you just might find yourself in a punk rock partier’s paradise. Let it be known to the weak willed and faint hearted that once the bands start playing and the bombs start bursting the attitude is nothing short of, “get with it, or get hit with it”. If you can live well within the balance of love and aggression then come one, come all. Long live the home of the brave. Long live FDR!” – Evan Breder (@lankybull) Filmed and edited by Andrew Metzger @gnarhammered
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Basque Pool Series 2019 – La Kantera | ConfusionMagazine

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