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Had an opportunity shooting a workshop video for Hokkaido University, traveling to Shintotsukawa. Special thanks to Associate Professor of Hokkaido University, Susanne Klien for the opportunity.

Susanne Klien


“We would like to thank all the citizens who kindly cooperated with our workshop in many ways, but we are especially indebted toMrs. Masako Yokoi and Mr. Tadayoshi Yokoi, Mrs. Tomiko Asakawa and Mr. Hiromasa Asakawa, Mrs. Miyoko Shiraishi and Mr. Noboru Shiraishi, the Mayor of Shintotsukawa, Mr. Yoshinobu Kumada and vice-mayor of Shintotsukawa, Mr. Toru Kobayashi, Mr. Yutaka Tomita and Takehisa Sato in the Shintotsukawa Industry Promotion Section in the Shintotsukawa Local Government. Thank you to teaching assistant Yuki Notsuzuki and all the participating students for making this workshop a success!”

Filmed & Edited by Tomohiko Sumi

Camera: Panasonic GH4

Lens: Tamron 18-270mm & Zeiss 50mm

Music by

Feelo – “Passenger x Ed Sheeran Type Instrumental”





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Hokkaido University - Shintotsukawa Workshop 2017 - tomothehomeless

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