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A Belgian skateboard video from 2007

Featuring:Fabian Verhaeghe(0:50),Kevin Tshala(2:17),Phil Zwijsen(7:27),Geoffrey Van Hove(12:33),Olivier De Hemptinne & Thibault Lenaerts(15:29),Alex Van Hoecke(20:17),Lionel Krop(21:43) & many others!

Filmed and edited by Geoffrey Van Hove


Intro:”skate of ass”by REPROACH

Fabian Verhaeghe :”over the kill”by REPROACH

Kevin Tshala:”the evil that men do”by AFTER HOURS

Stoemp#1:”all star all city”by CHILLOW featuring BROOKLYN’S SENE

Phil Zwijsen:”crowd pleasing”by AFTER HOURS

Interlude:”free beer for skaters”by FURIOUS

Stoemp#2:”fight the future”by HANGIN’OUT

Geoffrey Van Hove:”moonrise”by NESTOR

Olivier De Hemptinne & Thibault Lenaerts:”hard arabian nights”by DJ OWEN

Visitors:”homemade mayonaise”by CHILLOW

Alex Van Hoecke:”drunken kong part III”by AFTER HOURS

Lionel Krop:”sweet money street money”/”nocturnal”by CHILLOW featuring BROOKLYN’S SENE

Outro:”a story of my life”by NERVOUS CHILLIN’

Credits:”from birth to grave,from shadow to light”by AMENRA

HOMEMADE 3 (2007) FULL VIDEO [HQ] - Homemade Skateboards

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