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HUF Quality Footwear is proud to present The Hupper 2.

Introducing the HUF Hupper 2, a new skate shoe innovation. Looking back to our roots, the HUF Hupper 2 is a recontextualization of an iconic HUF Footwear original, developed through HUF’s T1-KCUF reverse-engineering technology. Durability from the ground up, the HUF Hupper 2 sits atop a new vulcanized last featuring a long-lasting geometric tread outsole. The higher-profile, refortified 3D foxing tape offers enhanced durability, grip and stability. Designed for comfort on and off the board, the HUF Hupper 2 is fitted with HUF’s PERFSHOCK insole. A layered toe cap and ranguard wrap, reinforced with double-stitching, offers increased protection in key abrasion areas. The HUF Hupper 2 is instantly recognizable with its prominent H-branded styling on the side quarters.

Shot by Tristian Brillanceau-Lewis and cut by Martin Reigel

HUF Footwear Commercial #056 // Tyler Bledsoe - HUF WORLDWIDE

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