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HUF & Vague present LESION, a video filmed by Josh Hallett & Jim Silver throughout the UK. HUF UK riders: Tom Delion, Joel Banner, Will Creswick, Mike Clarkson, Tom Zealand & Tristan Rudman feature in this edit while battling with injuries along the way. See the LESION printed article in Issue 11, get a copy via:

Filmed by: Josh Hallett & Jim Silver

Edited by: Josh Hallett

Additional Filming by: Adam Todhunter, Will Miles & Bailey Marklew

Cover Photo: Joel Banner – Heelflip by: Reece Leung


Surrend – Bells Chime

Surrend – Found

Spill – Tall

HUF - LESION | Vague Skate Mag

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Charlie Munro – ISO-VAGUE Part | Vague Skate Mag

Vague Skate Mag – Subscribe here: The Palomino’s very own Charlie Munro and the Buffalo Zoldiers put together some sterling stuff for you during lockdown. Their ISO-VAGUE part was filmed in London and the Zol Mansion before they moved out. Too many legends in this one including Mikey Patrick, Tristan Radman, James Griffiths, Juice and Froby. If you missed the first two ISO-VAGUE Parts we released you can see them below. Enjoy many a chom above and keep your eyes peeled for the full ISO-VAGUE Video coming soon. Joe Gavin ISO-VAGUE Part: Phil Marshall & Casey Foley ISO-VAGUE Part:
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Vague Skate Mag – Subscribe here: We have a new Harrison Woolgar part for you filmed throughout Brighton, Bristol, London and we’ve released it today as it’s his birthday (happy birthday fella). The part contains cameos from the likes of Dougie George, Ludo Gordon, Ash Humphrey and Cal Dawson. Admire Harrison’s tekkers in baggy attire below! Here’s some words by Bored of Southsea’s Lloyd Davies who filmed the majority of Harrison’s part: “At the tail-end of last year we’d ended up with a good wedge of footage and decided to keep going through into 2020. The world got a little fucked up so instead of sitting on this gold we decided to make it a group effort with Al on the editing, filming from myself, and footage of the homies from Mark Hawkshaw Burn, Liam Palmer and John Cyrus, but more importantly the choice moves of Harrison. Happy birthday bro!” Filmed by: Lloyd Davies Contributing Filming by: Mark Hawkshaw Burn, Liam Palmer and John Cyrus Edited by: Al Hodgson

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