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  • Illegal Civ GET THE MID90s SHIRT NOW! IC3 premiered in October 2018. It will be available for DVD in February!

This is behind the scenes of the feature film Mid90s written and directed by Jonah Hill. Featuring Illegal Civ Members Na-kel Smith, Ryder Mclaughlin, Sunny Suljic, Kevin White, Aramis Hudson, and more! Shot by Davonte Jolly, Mikey Alfred, Tucker Trip. Cut by Mikey Alfred.

IC3 | Mid90s Section | Illegal Civ

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IC3 | Lil Wayne | Illegal Civ

IC3 | Lil Wayne | Illegal Civ

Illegal Civ – Lil Wayne and Mikey Alfred in conversation. Lil Wayne is a legend and an important vessel. Filmed by Davonte Jolly.
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IC3 | Mac Miller Tribute | Illegal Civ

Illegal Civ – Rest In Peace to Mac Miller.

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