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We brought the Skater’s Studio series to Chicago in this on-location shoot with Brett Weinstein and Jon Schmoldt watching Brett’s part from the Deep Dish video “Realm” by Mark Dunning from 2017. Inside the Skater’s Studio dives into classic video parts with the skaters and filmmakers behind them sharing behind the scenes stories and insights into the process. with guest Gama and a Skype call-in from the video maker himself by Mark Dunning.

INSIDE THE SKATER'S STUDIO: Deep Dish "Realm" w/ Brett Weinstein | Theories Of Atlantis

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Dial Tone Wheels Presents "Hotline" | Theories Of Atlantis

Dial Tone Wheels Presents "Hotline" | Theories Of Atlantis

TheoriesOfAtlantis – The full Dial Tone crew is phoning it in for the all new Fall 19 project “Hotline”. Featuring Ben Gore, Kevin Liedtke, Jahmal Williams, Brian Powderly, Shane Farber, Zander Mitchell, Neil Herrick, Shawn MacMillan, Christian Maalouf, Alexis Sablone and introducing new Dial pro Jordan Trahan. Video by Josh Stewart
RASHAD MURRAY Part From "BOTTLENECK" | Theories Of Atlantis

RASHAD MURRAY Part From "BOTTLENECK" | Theories Of Atlantis

TheoriesOfAtlantis – We’re stoked to host Rashad Murray’s part from the all new “Bottleneck” video out of Washington DC, by Nnamdi Ihekwoaba. A new feature for the “Underground Network” series, showcasing video parts from rad independent projects from around the world, we’re hyped to shed some light on the much-ignored skate scene of Washington DC and it’s surrounding cities, an incredible scene that deserves a lot more attention. Thanks to Nnamdi and Rashad for letting us host this part. Filmed and edited by Nnamdi Ihekwoaba

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