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An East Coast skateboarding film for Leap Boards. One of the best up and coming skateboard company’s on the East. Featuring skater, Jansen Horrocks. Filmed by Luke Williams. Location: West Chester, PA, Reading, PA, Jersey City, NJ.

Jansen Horrocks - “Current Morion”- LEAP BOARDS | ConfusionMagazine

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Nessuno  - Peter Stromberger | ConfusionMagazine

Nessuno – Peter Stromberger | ConfusionMagazine

ConfusionMagazine – Peter Stromberger is a skater from Innsbruck, Austria and makes his living as a concrete worker building skateparks and concrete floors, etc. Peter also runs a smaller skateboard company called Stuntwood Co. (@stuntwoodco), tattoos and does graphic design. This is his first video part. “I’ve skated for over 20 years, I love skating so much, nothing is more fun to me. It’s freedom, I know this sounds cheesy, but that’s it!” – Peter Stromberger
2er DIY + ContiCrete DIY - DIYWHY | ConfusionMagazine

2er DIY + ContiCrete DIY – DIYWHY | ConfusionMagazine

ConfusionMagazine – In times of social media it seems to be pretty quiet around the 2er DIY in Hanover, Germany. But even without an official 2er-IG-account the locals put out two less ephemeral cultural contributions recently. Their video focuses on the locals and their beloved spot. Enriched with some footage from the ContiCrete DIY (rip) and the streets of Hanover. It´s a true and authentic insight in the 2er community and their skateboarding. In combination with the video a little zine was released. It collects analogue photography from skaters and friends. Most of them were taken on the “2er DIWHY”-event in 2019. This fest was set up by a new generation of locals in replacement for the legendary and infamous “2er on fire”. It was a 3-day-celebration of our DIY skate culture with contests, movies, more than a dozen bands/artist and not ending after-show parties. Thanks to everybody who showed up and contributed to this crazy weekend. Video created by Ben Beofsich, part of the ALM DIY (rip) and St Marx DIY crew in Vienna, Austria. Ben worked with Yamato Living Ramps and lived for some years in Hanover. He moved back to Vienna last month and this video edit was his farewell gift to the 2er crew. CC stands for Conti Crete, our small DIY in an abandoned building we built in 2018. It was shut down last year. Footage was collected by him, 2er-mastermind Eule and others over the last 4 years and almost every local is part of it. almost complete list of skaters: Max Beckmann Carsten “Barney” Beneker Gorden Reh Daniel “Eule” May Fabian Dollwet René Haack Sven-Julien Kanclerski Maik Lüne Eike Renken Dennis Laaß Robert Baumi Lennie Burmeister Ben Beofsich Yannick Robin Honny Vincente Sergiusz Dan Staack Josh Franz Manu Stulle Fredo

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