Published on December 21, 2020 by
  • Skate Syndicate

Filmed and edited by Roberto Marcelli.

Javier de Pedro - Welcome to Universal | Skate Syndicate

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Javier De Pedro & Adrián Fuentes | Skate Syndicate

Javier De Pedro & Adrián Fuentes | Skate Syndicate

Skate Syndicate – Adrian Fuentes gives the welcome to Javier de Pedro to the team. Filmed and edited by Ruben Juan Montesinos Backside flip foto Ruben Juan Montesinos
+++ Stardust +++ - Skate Syndicate

+++ Stardust +++ – Skate Syndicate

Skate Syndicate – Juan Algora “Jura” and new team member and Universal pro Raúl Navarro spending some days in Madrid. Clip vy Joe Gutirrez

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