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People always say that if you lose one sense your others get heightened. After losing his sight, Dan Mancina apparently can see skateparks like he’s mf-ing Neo in “The Matrix,” green Courier New font and all.

Check out Dan’s park edit then peep our interview with him on the site:

Filmed/Edited by: Steve Regish

JENKEM - Dan Mancina "Matrix" Park Edit | jenkemmag

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PREMIERE: Yardsale's B-Sides Edit | jenkemmag

PREMIERE: Yardsale’s B-Sides Edit | jenkemmag

jenkemmag – The lads at Yardsale have been making interesting clothes, boards, and videos for a while now. We talked with them about doing a Jenkem mix (which is coming soon-ish) but in the meantime they sent us this fun b-side edit to give a look into the antics they get into while filming. If you’re not familiar with Yardsale, and clicked this post looking for an actual yard sale, the best way to describe these blokes is if a group of British guys wondered how the Eastern Exposure videos might look 20 years later with some track suits added in. Yardsale’s founder, Dan Kreitem, had zero previous experience designing clothes, but in the past couple years he’s produced some nice gear and collaborated with bigger brands like Vans and Dickies. In an even rarer move, Kreitem said he only sells to skate shops because he doesn’t want Yardsale to be seen as some fashion-y hypebeast thing. “Yardsale is about skateboarding at its core.” Respect, innit. Video by: Dan Krietem
JENKEM - Checking Out The Illegal Civ Movie Motel w/ Mikey Alfred | jenkemmag

JENKEM – Checking Out The Illegal Civ Movie Motel w/ Mikey Alfre…

jenkemmag – Filmed by: Chris Whittaker Edited by: Elias Parise Mikey Alfred, the architect of World Star 4 Kidz (a.k.a. Illegal Civ), has had a busy year. He co-produced Jonah Hill‘s polarizing coming-of-age skate film, Mid90s, he wrapped up and released IC3 (Illegal Civ’s third full-length skate vid), and he put on a full-day music event at Los Angeles’ famed Pink Motel. Curious to see what this young movie head is like in person, we visited Mikey in LA to check out his crib. Unlike every other 20-year-old, Mikey lives in a building that’s otherwise filled with old people (which kinda explains his affinity for cardigans). He showed us some of his favorite memorabilia, challenged us to Connect Four (and lost), then drove us to Biebel’s Park to give us a taste of that real, indoor street skating life. The next day we swung by the festival he was throwing: “Red Bull Music Festival Presents: Illegal Civ Movie Motel” and ran into the most LA crowd we’ve ever seen. Think copious weed smoke, dad hats galore, and a nauseating amount of pastel-colored clothing or just peep the vid to see what we’re talking about.

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