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We don’t often have the chance to see into pro skaters’ family lives. Besides the familiar story of pros leaving home in their teens or growing up in rough situations, disconnected from their families, a lot of pros just don’t want to publicly share their families. (Trust us, we’ve tried.)

So we were excited when Eli offered to let us tag along with him and his mom for a day and ask them embarrassing questions about their mother-son dynamic (including her reaction to Eli skating the Playboy mansion).

Eli’s mom, Joan Ryan, is an accomplished artist and teacher at the Art Institute of Boston. She’s made graphics for Eli’s former clothing brand and his current board brand Becky, and they’ve collaborated on legit paintings and artwork as well.

Watch for a glimpse inside Eli’s new place in Manhattan and to see some of Joan’s artwork at the Townley Gallery in Tribeca. It’s one thing to see a pro produce boards with scantily clad women on them, but finding out that his mom paints some of those pin-up graphics is way more interesting.

JENKEM - Eli Reed and His Mom Show Us Some of Their Art | jenkemmag

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jenkemmag – Eugene Kang, who runs Terminal Skate Shop out of his New York City apartment, made this quick PSA reminding skateboarders, and especially sponsored ones, of a few things they can do to help the filmers who put them on in the first place. So we wanted to share Eugene’s five tips to keeping your filmer happy: 1. “BE FUCKIN’ PATIENT.” (Don’t sweat the filmer for your clip as soon as you get home.) 2. “DON’T WASTE THE FILMER’S TIME.” (Don’t be late and don’t punk out when you realize the spot/trick is harder than you imagined.) 3. “FUCKIN’ HOOK UP YOUR FILMER.” (Any money you can chip in towards buying the filmer drinks, food, or weed will be greatly appreciated and make them want to work with you in the future.) 4. “BLESS THAT MOTHERFUCKER.” (When you have extra product, give it to the filmer.) 5. “Take your fuckin’ homie with you.” (Once you get sponsored, don’t ditch your longtime filmer for the famous company filmer.) Hopefully, Eugene’s thoughts resonate with you, and the next time you go out filming you might consider carrying the camera bag or at least letting your filmer take an extra swig of your Gatorade/backwash. Eugene: “It’s just about loyalty and taking care of your friend. Because at the end of the day he’s not just a filmer, he’s your homie. And if you move up, he should move up with you. If you come up, he should come up with you…Those are the guys that are gonna get you put on, and I hope in turn you put them on.”
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