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We got in touch with Bryan at the last minute and drove 100 miles from LA to his house in Hesperia with no real plan. So while checking out his small classic car collection and two horses (yes, he lives in the sticks), he reminisced about the good ol’ days and also talked about planning for life after pro skating.

Bryan also showed us boxes of MiniDV tapes from the filmer Beagle, which they’re starting to edit down and release online. They have something like 2,300 hours of footage to sift through, so expect more in the future (but not too soon).

Hopefully, this turned out to be an insightful look at what pro skateboarders are doing and thinking about when jumping down 18 stairs is no longer an option.

Filmed by: Ian Michna & Alex Raspa

Edited by: Alexis Castro

JENKEM - Hanging Out With... Bryan Herman | jenkemmag

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