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In our latest episode of “Parts,” we reached out to Marisa Dal Santo. We figured that if she was able to film a part in 2009 that still has a cult following, that she must have some good taste in videos – but you’ll have to be the judge of that.


First part you remember watching?

Bam Margera – Jump Off a Building:

First part you were obsessed with?

Jim Greco – Misled Youth:

One part on a deserted island?

Ali Boulala – Sorry:

Eric Koston – Chomp on This:

The part you can’t stand watching?

All of the transition parts

Part with a song you wish you’d used?

Corey Duffel – Beautiful Breakdown:

Favorite recent part?

Rowan Zorilla – Blessed:

Best song and skate combo

Jim Greco – Baker 2G:

Interview by: Larry Lanza

Video by: Rob Fraebel

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JENKEM - Parts with Marisa Dal Santo | jenkemmag

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