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JENKEM - Street Urchins In Florida - jenkemmag

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JENKEM - Matt Tomasello in "Rodney Mullen on Bath Salts: Round Three" | jenkemmag

JENKEM – Matt Tomasello in "Rodney Mullen on Bath Salts: Ro…

jenkemmag – Last year, when we posted this Matt Tomasello video, we struggled to come up with a proper headline without sounding corny. If you’re not familiar with Matt’s skating, it’s basically designed for maximum internet virality and requires multiple viewings to understand what’s happening. At the last minute someone commented that watching Matt skate was “like watching Rodney Mullen on bath salts,” so we threw that in cause that was probably the only and best way to describe his skating. The Fancy Lads liked it enough to include it in the title of Matt’s next video, and now we present to you the final(?) installment of what has become a bath salts trilogy: Rodney Mullen On Bath Salts: Round Three. This video, which contains the most amount of folding/unfolding board contraptions, hands free pogo-ing, and sideways grinds, slides, and flips, is largely presented in slow motion to help us appreciate all the work and insanity that goes into every single one of Matt’s clips. Enjoy this if you can. But if you’re too much of a purist, try absorbing some Todd Falcon footy to ease you into it, then come back and bask in Matt’s glory.
JENKEM - Discovering Skate Spots via Google Earth w/ Jake Keenan | jenkemmag

JENKEM – Discovering Skate Spots via Google Earth w/ Jake Keenan…

jenkemmag – We’re proud to present the first episode of Google Earthers™ – traversing the globe (but really, just New York for now) via satellite imagery, pinpointing locations, and testing out the spots in person. Try Jake Keenan’s method for yourself, or just sit back and watch him do all the work. I guess living in a surveillance state has some perks, right? SKATERS / EARTHERS Jake Keenan Duncan Rowland Ian Isenhour Joe Derrico Filming by: Alexis Castro & Angel Delgado Editing by: Alexis Castro & Shrimpdaddy Host: Jake Keenan More info:

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