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JENKEM - Tommy 40 Hands - jenkemmag

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A Tribute To Ben Raemers | jenkemmag

A Tribute To Ben Raemers | jenkemmag

jenkemmag – As you know, Ben Raemers passed away earlier this year from suicide. He is and will continue to be missed by many, and if you can contribute, there’s a donation campaign to raise money for charity in his name. Our friend Richard Quintero did a good amount of traveling with Ben. He felt like he needed to put together something to convey, even in a small way, what it was like to spend time with Ben and enjoy the liveliness he brought with him everywhere. So Richard dug through all his files to find every single thing he’d ever filmed with Ben to create this film in his memory. Personality can be hard to capture on camera, but Ben’s oozed out of him naturally. He didn’t put on an act to be this fun and funny. It’s just how he was around everybody. As much as you’d want to skate with him, you’d also want to hit the town with him until dawn and keep the good energy going. Skate with your friends. Talk to your friends. Most of all, tell them you love them. Thank you for always being yourself, Ben. We miss you. Filmed & edited by: Richard Quintero If you feel like you need help or just want to talk with someone, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline offers free, confidential crisis counseling 24/7/365. They’re available by phone (1-800-273-8255) or online:
JENKEM - The Evolution of... Miami's MLK Ledges | jenkemmag

JENKEM – The Evolution of… Miami’s MLK Ledges | jenk…

jenkemmag – We’ve previously only profiled New York City spots for this video segment, but seeing as there is an entire skate world outside of New York, we figured it was time we got off our asses and traveled more than 45 minutes to visit an out-of-town spot. For the fifth installment of “Evolution of…” we sent our filmer / good homie Richard Quintero to his hometown of Miami, Florida to check out the MLK Ledges. Like other good skate spots in big cities, it’s not in the safest part of town and there are a few factors that make it just a tiny bit less than perfect, but it still has a lot to offer in terms of history and skateability. Richard was able to get in touch with Forrest Kirby, Kenny Anderson, and Zered Bassett to piece together a little oral history of notable tricks that have gone down at the spot, along with some tales of sketchy run-ins with locals. This spot has fallen out of favor with the more recent generation who was spoiled by skateparks, but hopefully these tales will inspire kids to try some NBD ledge combos and film a sponsor me tape just like the good ol’ days. Absorb some spot history in the video above and yell at us below if you’ve got a spot you want us to profile, especially if it’s outside of NYC. We could use some travel days. (Just make sure it’s not only available in THPS.) Filmed/edited by: Richard Quintero MORE INFO:

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