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  • Freeskatemag

Jeremie Daclin footage from over the years and in 2018.

Filmed by Vincent Jugnet, Fred Mortagne, Tim Olson and Ben Derenne

Edited by Vincent Jugnet

Jeremie Daclin - Free Your Spirit - Freeskatemag

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Energy Kit | Freeskatemag

Freeskatemag – Subscribe to our YouTube channel here: Sean Christiansen is back with Energy Kit, a 15 minute video that was premiered in Stockholm on Friday. It features everyone you’d expect to see killing it in the Swedish capital (+ some Heitor Da Silva), a little Osban section with a couple of banging Martin Sandberg lines and of course tons of footage of our favourite floppy armed skateboarder: Vincent Huhta. In order of appearance: Axel Berggren, Vincent Huhta Hasselberg, Douglas Karlsson, Elliot Isacson, Heitor Da Silva, Oscar Safström, Gabbe Viking, Sebbe Lundström Dianoff, Alex “Plankton” Andersson, Flemming Pedersen, Eric Hedberg, Carl Mårtensson, Kim Larsson, Elias Mensi, Sean Christiansen, Axel Lindquist, Svängen, Daniel Grönwall, Alex Carelle, Simon Källkvist, Johan Larsson, Rasmus Salcin, Martin Sandberg, Oskar Wennberg, Günes Özdogan and David Jakinda.
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Freeskatemag – Filmed and edited by Luc Mazières and PJ Chapuis.

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