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Welcome to the pro ranks! After earning his stripes as a General in the Monster Army, Jeremy Malott now joins the Monster Energy pro team.

Jeremy’s diverse bag of tricks has earned him several wins at international competitions, including first place in Best Trick at FISE events Montpellier, France and in Hiroshima, Japan, where he landed the world’s first 360 Triple Whip to Bar Spin.

He will be representing the USA in the Olympics debut of Freestyle BMX in the Tokyo games this summer for another milestone in his pro journey.

For his ‘Breakthrough’ video part, Jeremy levels up his trick repertoire. Expect technical bar spins, wheelie combos, and creative lip tricks in a stacked video part filmed at concrete skateparks and the legendary Dreamyard ramp compound built by Monster team rider Pat Casey.

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Jeremy Malott Breakthrough - Monster Energy - Monster Energy

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