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  • Magenta Skateboards

Chimay streaming through Flowrida with classic ease

Filmed and edited by Stephen Buggica aka Busted Mic

Catch Jimmy x Busted Mic Creation in FLOW LIKE WATER for more:

Jimmy Lannon "OVERFLOW" | Magenta Skateboards

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BOULEVARD MAGENTA | Magenta Skateboards

BOULEVARD MAGENTA | Magenta Skateboards

Magenta Skateboards – Paris summer tapes featuring Shogo Zama, Soy Panday, Glen Fox, Vivien Feil, Ruben Spelta, Leo Buscetti, Masaki Ui, Olivier Ente, Antoine Jouguet, Emilien Bonnet, Leo Spartacus & Julien Oye. Filmed by Romain Batard & Quentin Delebecque Super 8 by Yoan Taillandier Titles by Soy Panday Edited by Vivien Feil Tech support by Leo Valls MAGENTA SKATEBOARDS – PARIS – 2020
MAGENTA 10 YEARS - STILL IN BUSINESS | Magenta Skateboards

MAGENTA 10 YEARS – STILL IN BUSINESS | Magenta Skateboards

Magenta Skateboards – Réalisé par Sylvain Robineau Avec Soy Panday, Cassandre Daudey, Arnaud Nerneuf, Leo Spartacus, Clement Harpillard , Youcef Khemane, Julien Oye, Antoine Chuck, Vivien Feil, Maxime Furic Chauffeur: Pablo Bouvret Soutien technique: Greg Dezecot Chansonette: Jean Ferrat 2010 – MAGENTA SKATEBOARDS – 2020

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