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John Cardiel sent us this phone clip while we interviewed him in Milan, Italy during the Vans Shop Riot 2018 finals. The video features shredding at the Supreme Bowl in Brooklyn, New York with Mark Gonzales, Julien Stranger and John himself who we lured into talking to us with chocolate. He told us: “I got a scratch it felt so fucking good bro! Hyped, so hyped. I just love that feeling cos I’ll go like years bro without really catching a pool coping scratch, so it just feels so good man, you have no idea – it’s just amazing. ” Read the full interview from Issue 8 here:

Video filmed and courtesy of: John Cardiel

John Cardiel, Mark Gonzales & Julien Stranger at the Supreme Bowl in Brooklyn, New York | Vague Skate Mag

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'Tidy' | Vague Skate Mag

‘Tidy’ | Vague Skate Mag

Vague Skate Mag – SUBSCRIBE to Vague here: Jezza Jones, Dale Starkie, Dylan Hughes, Will Sheerin, Dave Mackey and prolific UK pro Josh Cox all sesh the mighty Spit & Sawdust! Get watching above and read some words by Josh Hallett, who of course filmed this magnificently.  Josh Hallett: “A 460 mile round trip to session Spit & Sawdust with a solid crew of humans? Obviously the answer was yes. So, Dale, Will and I set off from Leeds, picked up Baines in Sheff, stopped for a obligatory Gregg’s and drove to Cardiff to link up with Mackey, Woody, Ash, Jeremy, Dylan and the UK’s most prolific professional skateboarder Josh Cox. If you haven’t visited Spit & Sawdust before then it’s time to sort that out ASAP. The food is next level, the drinks flow nicely, the people are extremely lovely, the skate library is extensive, the park is absolutely banging and, oh yeah, the vert ramp is terrifying! A massive thanks to Christian and the Spit & Sawdust crew for showing us such a good time in the Welsh capital. Tidy!” If you haven’t been to Spit & Sawdust already check their site here: then pay them a visit! Filmed & Edited by: Josh Hallett — VAGUE Site: VAGUE Insta: VAGUE Shop: Spit & Sawdust Site: Spit & Sawdust Insta:
Ben Broyd x Volcom Wear Test | Vague Skate Mag

Ben Broyd x Volcom Wear Test | Vague Skate Mag

Vague Skate Mag – SUBSCRIBE to Vague here: Legacy’s Ben Broyd gets his shred on at Horsforth skatepark whilst repping the Volcom ‘Loose Trucks’ chino pant. Check the wear test above filmed by Panasonic Youth’s Zach McAdam and photography by Reece Leung. Ben Broyd wears the Volcom ‘Loose Trucks’ chino pant for this clip which you can shop at Ben’s SOS Legacy Skate Store here: Volcom Brand Denim provides superior stretch, durability and their water aware denim saves 13 litres of water per pair (4.5 million+ litres have been saved so far). Filmed & Edited by: Zach McAdam Cover Photo: Reece Leung VAGUE SHOP: Music: Premonition 13 – Noche Obscura Courtesy of Volcom Entertainment

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