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Source: Lakai Footwear

Johnny Jones in the Lakai EVO, the first of its kind from Lakai and the start of our “After Skate” category of footwear. This shoe is designed to care for skaters’ feet after the session or when they are not on their boards. Lightweight, breathable, supportive, and stylish. Filmed and edited by Marque Cox @shrimpdaddy

Johnny Jones in the Lakai EVO - Lakai Footwear

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Stevie Perez for the Flaco 2 | Lakai Footwear

Lakai Footwear – Stevie Perez’s second signature Lakai model makes its debut. Stevie kept busy all year traveling and skating, and stacked a healthy amount footage. Keeping tradition alive, Stevie wanted to switch it up from the everyday skate video, and filmed this whole part on a VX. Enjoy this full part from Stevie and check out the Flaco 2, available now! Filmed and edited by Kevin Martinez Additional filming by Felix Soto and Ryan Garshell Super 8 by Kevin Martinez Effects by Johannes Gamble
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