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Juda is one hell of a guy! He is an all around great skater and also one israel finest examples of a kid who started from nothing in Galit skatepark and now he is ripping the streets as well as keeping the legacy alive with the new generation. after his long and meaningful army service he joined forces with

skate filmer manu perets and made this awesome part could simply Fo(u)r years

go to our site to hear the full story and for more vids and article on israel’s top skaters

go to our site to hear the full story and for more vids and article on israels top skaters

Juda Garni - Fo(u)r years part | Dolores Magazine

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Dolores Magazine – Yonatan lass and Johna Halfman are roommates that skate a lot together! Watch their new video by filmmaker Manu Perets “live together sk8 together” as they shred Tel Aviv sidewalks and spots in they’re unique way. Enjoy the watch יונתן לס וג׳ונה הלפמן הם שותפים לדירה ושותפים לסשנים קבועים ברחובות תל אביב. גרים ביחד ונוסעיםביחד. הצטרפו לחוויה שלהם ותראו איך הם מנצלים כל מדרכה ושטח פנוי ברחובות ביחד עם הצלם האגדי מנו פרץ. צפייה נעימה ועל תרדו מהעץ….
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