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This video is an independent project starring :

(00:46) the kaaf Family,

(05:43) Antony Baclene,

(9:34) Jonathan Franc and

(12:41) Raphaël Detienne.

The whole team is also showing:

(00:45) Aura Brédart,

(1:42) Guillaume Patigny,

(2:22) Max Sterno,

(3:29) Romain Gielis,

(3:51) Louis Bauvir,

(4:24) Lionel Krop,

(4:47) Loïc Castiaux,

(1:59) Clement Berlanger,

(2:46) Amaury Preumont,

(2:42) Sonny Todd,

(2:56) Laurens Willems and

(3:13) Nicolas Debuyst.

Directed By Philippe MOTTET

More info:


Killer Mike – Rap is Dead

Melanie Safka – People in the Front Row

Jamie Lidell – Enough’s Enough

Killer Mike – Don’t Die

The organ – Sinking Hearts

KAAFastrophic | Antony Baclene - Jonathan Franc - Raphaël Detienne | By Skarpheight Prod - Skarph8

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