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“I met Keith on a REAL trip through Arizona and New Mexico. 1993. It was Sal, Julien, Sluggo, Mandoli, Klindt, Bird, and Jim I believe. Keith has always had a great push and a heavy duty ollie.

Filming for Non Fiction was just one of those experiences where you would try to chip away at a part everyday, trying tricks over and over till you would get it. It was fun when they got us all together to skate around. Lots of the early team members still around from that video.

Riding for REAL back then was great time, having Jim and Tommy in the van, a pretty neat mix of different personalities and skating. I’ve always appreciated that about REAL. There is no carbon copy for their team riders. It’s a very “do you” approach. I’ve seen a lot of people come and go. Huf has been around REAL since practically the beginning. His skating brought a genuine style and a refined approach that was a very welcome addition to the team and the REAL family.”

– Max Schaaf

To celebrate the re-release of Keith Hufnagel’s classic Love graphic, we put together an archive of Keith’s REAL video parts along with some of our favorite photos and AD’s from over the years. Enjoy the ride.

Keith Hufnagel : Non-Fiction '97 - REAL Skateboards

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