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“I first met Keith on a Deluxe demo in Santa Cruz. I got flown out from Oklahoma straight to a demo. Shit was surreal. Keith’s skating is powerful and graceful. Dude has so much pop and skill, two really good attributes to have in your bag.

Filming for Roll Forever were some of the best times of my life. I was just a teenager still learning how to skate but I was just hucking my life away off any gaps or stairs and trying my luck on handrails. Traveling the States with the coolest posse.

Riding for REAL while Roll Forever was being filmed was like seeing REAL kinda in rebuild mode. Adding a few new kids on the team, and a few older guys started new company’s. Looking back at that time, I guess REAL planted a new seed and now that bitch has flourished to say the least!”

– Ernie Torres

To celebrate the re-release of Keith Hufnagel’s classic Love graphic, we put together an archive of Keith’s REAL video parts along with some of our favorite photos and AD’s from over the years. Enjoy the ride.

Keith Hufnagel : Roll Forever '05 - REAL Skateboards

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