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Kemuridama is our latest video.

The crew went to Japan and brought back a lot footage, so we decided to add some more from our city, Barcelona!

This is our fifth year open and we wanna celebrate dropping this clip.

The video is been filmed and edited by Franki Bravo and you will see footage from Dani Quintero, Raul Valencia, Borja Arenas, Erik Pettersson, David De Los Santos, Gunes Ozdogan and more from Japan and Barcelona FTC family.

Music with non profit use and without intention break the copyrights law all credits for the autor.


Blank Banshee – Start up

S?K – Laracroft

Smiff n Wessun – Timz And Hood Chek

Chief Keef & Gucci Mane – Baby Daddy Broke

Blank Banshee – Ecco Zones

Dj Smokey – Return Of Da Kush Alienz

Blank Banshee – Deep Space

Wooh da Kid – I prefer

Tdeezy X Loud Lord – Chordzondeck

kemuridama 煙玉 - FTC Barcelona

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