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  • Macba Life

Featured skaters: Blake Johnson, Didrik Galasso

Edit: Javier Menéndez

Film: Javier Menéndez, Daniel Galli

Music: My People by EHSR

Skateboarding in MACBA

Skateboarding in MACBA

Skateboarding in MACBA

King Of Macba 2020 – Blake Johnson VS Didrik Galasso. Battle 7 | Macba Life

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Macba Life - Volcom #BackToThe4 alternative clip | Macba Life

Macba Life – Volcom #BackToThe4 alternative clip | Macba Life

Macba Life – Back in 2018, Volcom joined forces with Macba Life to help its vision become reality: putting back the 4th block at MACBA’s legendary Big4 spot for an event celebrating skateboarding history, and giving the opportunity to the new generation to add some tricks to the already long ABD list. This alternative edit hasn’t been published. Enjoy remembering this magic day. Edit: J. Massague / Prisma Films Music: The Lovely Bad Things. Darth Lauren. Skateboarding in MACBAhttp://www.macbalife.com
Macba Life - Short Story | Macba Life

Macba Life – Short Story | Macba Life

Macba Life – The Gopro homies spent a few days in Macba to film with some locals and tell the story of our plaza with this short documentary. Featured skaters: Carlos Neira, Alex Sorgente, Andrea Benítez, Daniel Mordzin, Dani Jenks, Dani Lebrón, E. Lima, Flo Marfaing, Ivan Monteiro, Jorge Simoes, Julio Arnau, Justin Sommer, Kristian Krasimirov, Louisa Menke, Luis Aponte, Adrián Lobo, Ramón Muniz, Gustavo Ribeiro, Roger Silva, Shaun Hover, Stewie Petar. Film and edit: Daniel Galli Music: Dark Details “Like an Animal”. Campfire OK “Wishing You the Best” Additional Music Courtesy of ExtremeMusic Subscribe to our Youtube channel now Skateboarding in MACBAhttp://www.macbalife.com

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