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  • Macba Life

Featured skaters: Gabriel Fortunato, Nassim Lachhab

Edit: Javier Menéndez

Film: Javier Menéndez, Daniel Galli

Music: My People by EHSR

Skateboarding in MACBA

King OF Macba 2020 - Gabriel Fortunato VS Nassim Lachhab. Battle 1 | Macba Life

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Macba Life - #Macbalifers 16. @Macba_Samosas | Macba Life

Macba Life – #Macbalifers 16. @Macba_Samosas | Macba Life

Macba Life – Rafí is the funniest Samosa´s street vendor. He´s a master of the kitchen and always walks around the plaza with a smile. He posted a song on @Macba_Samosas Instagram account and we’ve used the best moments to put the rhythm to our new clip. Thanks for your presence, Rafí. This is a tribute to you and all the people who make Macba a special place. Featured skaters: Adriel Parmisano, Adrián Lobo, Niki Díaz, Facundo Soler, Ronaldo Alonso, Ismael Ricón, Javi Fioretto, Nassim Lachhab, Thyago Silva, Nico Leal. Film and Edit: Javier Menéndez Music: Rafí @Macba_samosas Skateboarding in MACBA
Macba Life - #Macbalifers 15. Back To The Office | Macba Life

Macba Life – #Macbalifers 15. Back To The Office | Macba Life

Macba Life – After the different #StayAtHome phases, Barcelona has reached the new normal. We still have social distancing measures and everything is more relaxed than usual, so we have filmed a couple of sessions to show you the atmosphere at the office. Featured skaters: Sebas García, David Casado, Sergio Salgado “Filoko”, Diego Alexis Col, Samuel Parrado, Adrián Lobo “Potter”, Dani Delgado, Petar Stantchev “Stewie”, Ronaldo Alonso. Film and edit: Javier Menéndez Music: Jam – Glass Half Empty Skateboarding in MACBA

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